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Growth is an uncomfortable process

I think your love and happiness are a product of your choices. I think every choice you make should be based on nothing but happiness through love. some people say that they’re happy. shit, social media be making everybody look happy but what’s really real though?

You think you know someone but you really don’t. 

Are they happy? Do they feel love? 

Check in. 

What does happiness feel like to you?

Do you think you have that in this moment. Sure. 

But are you really okay? Have you checked on yourself? 

What gives you love and makes you love? 

What bring you joy and what doesn’t? 


We’re all striving after the same thing.

Love and happiness.

We’re not meant to be alone. We all need a person.

A person who embodies that happiness and love. Not to depend on them but to be have them be your peace.

find your peace. find your missing piece.

life’s just a game, one could say it’s a puzzle. 

search . explore . take the world. find your peace. 

find your missing pieces. find your love and you’ll find your happiness

and in that, you'll be at peace

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