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What does love have to do with it ?

Love is acceptance. Love is acknowledgement. Love is admiration. Love is support. Love is reassuring. Love is desire. Love is caring. Love is vulnerability. Love is comfortable. Love is compassion. Love is forgiveness. Love is grief. Love is anger. Love is happiness. Love is special. Love is understanding. Love is beautiful. Love is pure. Love is crazy. Love is me. Love is you. Love is us. Love is everywhere. Love is right here. Right now. In this moment. Love begins with you. Love begins with healing. Love begins with forgiveness. Love begins with loving yourself first. Love begins with an open mind. Love begins an open perspective. Love is not defined. Love is an energy. Love is a feeling. Love is what you need to be for who you discover it to be for. Love is organic. Love is not forced. Love is not created. Love is not formed. Love is accidentally bloomed by the nurturing, care, effort and consistency you put into it. A seed , to a root , to a stem , to something so beautiful and so grounded. What’s love to you ?

But loving someone else ....

Real love is unconditional.

Being able to acknowledge, accept, and look past all the “bad” qualities of someone. Being able to admire them in a way that makes them love theirselves more.

It’s constantly reassuring them that they are loved and not wanting them to change but continue to blossom into their best self. It’s having a desire to care for that person, through whatever , whenever. It’s showing pure vulnerability for one another in a way that makes them feel most comfortable. It’s being able to show compassion, forgiveness, grief, anger, happiness in ways other than words, through body language that only you and that special someone understand. It’s being able to put yourself in my shoes and feel what I’m feeling. Its your individuality and someone else’s individually and watering yourselves together as one to blossom into something beautiful . Love is the purest form on ones emotions and one of the only things science can’t explain.

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